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  • Watching: THAT EPISODE THO

So I just got to the part with Nico and cupid and I first I was all like, YES!!! FINALLY THERE IS A CHANCE AT PERCICO! But then I realized, there is no chance at all. :iconcryforeverplz: The only chance they have is if Annabeth breaks up with Percy for miscellaneous reasons or accepts Artemis's offer to join the hunters (I know it was awhile ago but still). Seriously it has to be Annabeth cuz Percy won't realize anything he is so dense -_-'

Stolen from: :iconkrina531:
[x] You have seen at least 5 episodes of Hetalia 
[ ] You know Marukaite Chikyuu 
[ ] You can sing Marukaite Chikyuu by memory 

[x] You've read fan fiction for Hetalia 
[x] You've written fan fiction for Hetalia
[x] You've made fan art for Hetalia 
[x] You've read doujinshi for Hetalia (Hurp derp I have no shame)
[ ] You belong to one or more Hetalia-themed groups on dA 
[x] You've seen/made Hetalia yaoi (hard to avoid it)
[x] You have an OTP or know the pairings you like 
[x] You can quote Hetalia 
[x] You know Finland is Sweden's wife 
[x] World History / Geography classes make you laugh, cry, etc. 
[x] The phrases 'vital regions', 'five meters', 'Russia is the biggest', or 'Canada is on top of America' make you laugh
[x] You've used "Ve~", "PASTAA~", "aru", "Aiyah", "da", "kolkolkol", etc. when speaking 
[x] You want to become One with Russia and/or have asked someone to
[x] You have watched 10 minute challenges of Hetalia clips
[x] You have commented on an unrelated video about Hetalia 
[x] You look at a map and automatically see the characters 
[x] You refer to the countries as People
[x] You correct people if they don't refer to a country with the right gender
[x] You and your friends refer to each other as countries
[x] You've used Hetalia to study and/or remembered it on a test 
[x] You named or wanted to name one of your possessions after a Hetalia character

[x] You've cosplayed before as a Hetalia character 

[ ] You've tried to have an ahoge (What is ahoge?)
[ ] Your profile picture has a Hetalia character in it 
[x] You've accidentally referred to a country by its human name 
[x] You freak out when someone forgets Canada
[x] You know what Liechtenstein, Seychelles, etc. are
[x] You can find them on a map 
[x] You've wanted to or have pulled the curl, hair, etc. on someone's head 
[x] You're afraid to visit France, Russia, etc. because of the characters 
[x] You can name stereotypes of a country because of the characters 
[x] You refer to East Germany strictly as Prussia and get sad when someone insists Prussia no longer exists 
[x] You've used the phrase " ____ is almost as awesome as Prussia"
[x] You can find Texas and Nantucket in a picture of America 
[x] You know what APH stands for 
[x] You purposefully look up AMV's, pictures, etc. of Hetalia 
[x] You can name everyone in the Axis and Allies and not forget Canada 
[x] You own Hetalia merchandise or have decorated a possession to be Hetalia-themed 
[x] You like either USUK or FrUk 
[ ] The only material you read is Hetalia fan fiction 
[x] You've sneaked Hetalia into a school assignment 
[x] You believe Sealand is an independent country 
[x] Whenever someone says "Marry me" you think of Belarus 
[x] You know the names of most Hetalia characters 
[x] You know the character songs of some Hetalia characters
[x] People think you're a history buff because you know so much about foreign countries
[ ] You know who Hidekaz Himaruya is 
[ ] You worship him 
[ ] You've read the strips and seen the anime 
[x] You wish you had a pet Flying Mint Bunny, Gilbird, etc. 
[x] You've RP'd (Role Played) as a Hetalia character either online or in person 
[x] You know Australia and Austria aren't the same thing 
[x] You'll freak out on anyone who doesn't 
[x] You have a Hetalia OC 
[x] You wish you were a Nation
[x] You've had dreams about the nations 
[x] People have called you a fangirl/fanboy/otaku/weaboo



0-10: Not a fangirl/fanboy. You're normal. 
11-20: Slight fangirl/fanboy. You're one of those normal, slight fans that can't get into most Hetalia discussions. 
21-30: Half fangirl/fanboy. Here people might look at you funny, but you're still pretty normal.
31-40: Fangirl/Fanboy. At this point people start to stare. 
41-50: Crazed fangirl/fanboy. This is the stage where people start to hate you, but you'll always have your fellow fans. 
51-60: Hetalian. Welcome to the dark side. You have a freaking obsession, and it's never going away. Congratulations, have some Pasta~ (Why thank you >:3)


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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

My account: Germany is the HERO



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